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April 20, 2017

It begins with a glitch or two:  Cutting corners on employee training; employee morale taking a beating in a stressful industry; a business practice that intentionally creates stress lines in customer service; no Plan B....or C, if something goes awry.  All of a sudden, one of your customers is getting dragged out of one of your planes, the video has gone viral, your stock price drops 500 points within hours and, yes, you are probably facing legal action.

United Airline's recent debacle is a lesson to all employers.  Small stuff matters.  Every big problem started small -  a corner cut here or there, a training that was never given, a phone call to legal that was never placed.

Employers should tackle the small stuff now so they don't have to worry about the big stuff later on. At CSE Law, we sweat the small stuff for our employer clients, so that the only thing going viral is a reputation for sound business practices. 

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