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Why January 1st, 2017 Is An Important Date For Employers

January 25, 2017
Pink Tiger

Some important dates to remember. 

  • Your life partner’s birthday
  • Your wedding anniversary
  • The date you graduated from high school
  • Birth of your first child
  • AND 01/01/17  

Why is that last date important?

Because as of 01/01/17, many (but not all) employers in Vermont will be required to offer paid sick leave to their employees.

  • Benefit will be one hour of accrued paid sick leave for every 52 hours worked
  • Employer may require a waiting period of up to one year before an employee can access the benefit
  • Does not apply to employees who work less than 18 hours/week or who work for 20 weeks or fewer in a 12 month period
  • Does not apply to per diem or intermittent workers or an employee who is under 18 years old
  • An employer must post notice of this benefit in a conspicuous place for employees and applicants to see.
  • Any violations of this law may be result in fines and legal liability

Any employer who is uncertain of the applicability of the paid sick leave law to their business should contact CSE Law and learn more.

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