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From Business Counsel to Courtroom Counsel

May 24, 2017

Why is having experienced litigation counsel important when you are seeking employment law advice, or selling your home, or having your business agreement reviewed, or drafting a landlord-tenant agreement, or....well, you get the picture.  It is because behind every litigation case there was an action of some kind that led to that litigation.  And, quite frequently, an attorney was consulted or involved in that action.  

This means that a client is best served by not only having competent counsel in the initial stages of any business transaction or decision, but also by having a lawyer handling their legal affairs who understands how missteps can create the risk of litigation. 

A client can't always avoid litigation, despite best efforts and good legal counsel.  In that event, however, it helps to be represented by an attorney who is familiar with your business and can navigate a courtroom with ease, confidence and competence.

At CSE Law, every single one of our attorneys is also a litigator.  We have 38 years of combined trial experience and can bring that experience to bear when necessary and if necessary on behalf of our clients. 



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