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Listening Deeply

May 02, 2017

Sometimes poetry speaks to the legal profession.  Take the example of a few lines from a poem by John Fox, "When Someone Deeply Listens to You." 

When someone deeply listens to you

It is like holding out a dented cup

You’ve had since childhood

And watching it fill up with

Cold, fresh water.

When it balances on top of the brim,

You are understood.

When it overflows and touches your skin,

You are loved.


When someone deeply listens to you

The room where you stay

Starts a new life

And the place where you wrote your first poem

Begins to glow in your mind’s eye.

It is as if gold has been discovered.


An effective attorney does not tell her client what he wants, his goals or what strategy he should choose, in grappling with any legal issue.

A resourceful attorney will tell her client the pros and cons, the chances of achieving his objectives and the consequences that will flow from different strategies.

A successful attorney practices in partnership with her clients.

To be heard deeply.  Isn't that what every client should expect? 


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